Little room tour and call for action

Hey guys, I just wanted to share some impressions of my living room with you..not all of it though. My boyfriend and I moved in a few month ago and some parts of our flat really need a makeover - or to be furnished at all.
In a first step I'd like to show some corners that I really love and also start kind of a first project (with you if you like). So, on the upper pics you can see my random frame-pic-family-inspirational wall that I think is adorable. Most of the frames I got from fleamarkets and just painted them with colors I like, such as the oval one. In there I added fabric, because it was first intended to become a holder for my earrings but then found the pattern to be too dark and restless to have earrings hanging in front. So I decided to just leave it as it is and make it a piece of wall art. On my sofa you can obviously find the fabric again and as it is not hard to tell, the pillowcase is DIY :) I took pics from both sides as they are slightly different. By now I like the steady side more. What do you think?
The sideboard I got is vintage and, believe it or not, I got it for free as someone wanted to through it away. I just added lilac knobs and now it fits perfectly with the color of the sofa. Sorry for the light by the way. It's almost night and there is no sunlight brightening up the pictures for you guys.
So, this is for the part of the room that I already like and feel that it refelects my style. What I NOT like is my coffee table (and some other things but these are to come later!). It's old, the varnish already spalls and I don't think the color fits with the rest of the room. So, as I don't have enough money to buy a new one and more importantly because I want to do something else with it and make it a DIY project, I came up with some ideas:

  1. varnish that thing in white
  2. varnish white and add eyecatcher such as studds on the side 
  3. put wallpaper on top of this and fix with this special glue (I'm not sure yet how they do it but am positive that I will be able to find out :))
Here is where you come in. As I have not decided yet how this baby is gonna look like, I'm absolutely open for recommendations from your side. Please comment below if you have THAT idea (and maybe pic?that would be so wonderful) how I should DIY it. I think I'm gonna start this little project at the weekend so a few more days to go for you!

Will definetely keep you posted and share pics of the progression and final results of course :) Am so excited already...

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